JKPM demands permanent NTA exam centers in Kashmir, Ladakh

Jammu & Kashmir People’s Movement has urged the various central and state government authorities to set up permanent National Testing Agency (NTA) centers in Kashmikr and Ladakh divisions for the forthcoming NET examinations.

JKPM general secretary Shehla Rashid has written to various authorities, including Prime Minister’s Office, National Testing Agency, Governor’s Office, etc. on behalf of hundreds of aspirants who are demanding urgent relocation of their centres. “Hundreds of aspirants have contacted us saying that they are unable to appear in the examination due to financial constraints. It is illogical that, despite such a huge number of aspirants from Kashmir, additional centres have not been allotted here. This has now become a regular feature. Examination centres located in Kashmir are either cancelled at the last minute, or are not allotted at all. We demand that the NTA should set up permanent testing centres here in Kashmir, as well as in Leh and Kargil, so that aspirants do not have to suffer.”

Shehla Rashid called this trend deeply disturbing, as it constitutes denial of Right to Education and Right to Employment of competitive exam aspirants from Kashmir valley and Ladakh. She said that, “despite having educational levels that are at par with, or better than the national average, we are being treated as if we do not deserve even testing centres.” She said, adding that, “We are in the process of charting out future course of action in order to seek a permanent solution to this problem.”

Meanwhile, the JKPM president Dr Shah Faesal said that, “it is difficult to understand why such a policy is being adopted. On the one hand, the system claims that it wants to attract the youth, whereas, on the other hand, such measures are taken that alienate the youth.”

The JKPM state executive member Syed Tahir Iqbal said that, “such step-motherly treatment towards Kashmiris needs to stop. Such lapses on part of a reputed agency like the NTA are not expected.”