Kashmir struggle indigenous, won’t allow anyone to hijack it: JRL

The ongoing struggle in Kashmir is purely indigenous and no “external force or group” will be allowed to hijack the movement for which the people of Kashmir have given countless sacrifices, the joint resistance leadership (JRL) and religious organisations said on Friday.
Kashmir struggle indigenous, won’t allow anyone to hijack it: JRL
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The ongoing struggle in Kashmir is purely indigenous and no "external force or group" will be allowed to hijack the movement for which the people of Kashmir have given countless sacrifices, the joint resistance leadership (JRL) and religious organisations said on Friday. They also strongly denounced the attempt by some masked youth to desecrate the pulpit of the revered Jamia Masjid in Srinagar last Friday, saying it was a "move to link the Kashmir struggle with global groups, which won't be allowed."

Thousands of people, including women, converged at the grand mosque amid biting cold and snowfall, to listen to the speakers on the occasion of 'Youm-e-Taqadus', which was organised by the JRL to condemn the Jamia pulpit desecration. The speakers, apart from the JRL trio, included heads of various religious bodies and civil society activists.


The Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani, while strongly condemning the sacrilegious act committed by some masked youth at the Jamia Masjid last Friday, said, "Those behind the act have nothing to do with Islam."

"Whether the act was committed intentionally or unintentionally, those who did it don't represent Islam. Such acts don't benefit Islam," Geelani said, addressing the congregation at Jamia Masjid over phone from his Hyderpora residence, where he is under continued house arrest.

He said the "Indian media used this act to link Kashmir's indigenous struggle with the global terror outfits because doing so suits New Delhi".

"The media highlighted the act because New Delhi has failed to break the resolve of the people of Kashmir. Our struggle is a people's struggle and purely indigenous in nature. We will not allow anybody to link our freedom struggle with the global terror groups," he said, adding that Kashmir struggle has "no global agenda".

The veteran resistance leader said that New Delhi "used some people to give the Kashmir struggle a different colour. Or should I say a global colour. This will not be allowed. The shameful act by some people at Jamia Masjid last Friday has nothing to do with the Kashmir struggle," he said. 

He said: "Now that our enemy has failed to push us into submission, it is using some people to trigger a sectarian division in Kashmir. Our enemy is not just the oppressor. It is clever also and is employing new ploys to divide us on religious and sectarian lines."

"Kashmir is presently witnessing ultimate repression which evokes full resistance from the youth, who fight lakhs of forces, receive bullets on their chests, and pellets in their eyes," Geelani said.

"Our resilience is an eyesore for New Delhi," he said and urged the people to "forge unity on all fronts so that the mission of martyrs is achieved".


The Hurriyat Conference (M) chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said the Jamia pulpit desecration has "deeply hurt the religious sentiments of the people."

"Today, we want to make it clear that such an act will not be tolerated again. A series of steps will be taken to maintain the sanctity of Jamia Masjid," he said.

"For the past 500 years, this sacred pulpit has imparted Islamic teachings to the people of Kashmir and also raised the voice against miseries inflicted on them ever since the 1931 massacre," Mirwaiz said, adding that "our politics is based on Islamic principles".

"The move to desecrate Jamia Masjid was aimed at diverting Kashmir's indigenous struggle and link it with the global outfits. But there is no foreign hand or support to the Kashmir struggle," he said.

He said three youth killed in a gunfight in Pulwama district recently were all local and one of them had qualified M.Sc in Mathematics.

The Hurriyat (M) chairman said that people of Kashmir and the resistance leadership will not allow "any outside force or group to hijack the indigenous movement that has priceless sacrifices at its back".

"People of Kashmir are offering supreme sacrifices since 1931 in general and from 1990 in particular," he said.

He said the pulpit of Jamia has been preaching 'tawheed' and Islam in its true and pristine form. 

Mirwaiz said "those trying to give our struggle a different colour as was seen on last Friday won't be allowed to succeed in their nefarious designs".


The Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik said that Jamia Masjid is today the best example of "united face of Kashmiris".

"Right from the times of Moulana Muhammad Yousuf Shah (RA) to Moulana Mirwaiz Muhammad Farooq, to Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Downtown has always stood against oppression," he said. "Mirwaiz Umar Farooq didn't even enjoy his childhood and instead had to shoulder huge responsibilities".

Since 1931 to the present times, "there is hardly any house (here) that has not given a sacrifice of life or property".

"In all these years, youth were always on the forefront of Kashmir struggle. Even during the 1931 massacre, those killed were youth and today, it's the youth who are spilling their blood for the sacred cause of Kashmir's freedom struggle," he said.

"There can't be a bigger pain than seeing parents shouldering the coffins of their young children every day".

Malik said that Downtown has always been the epicenter of Kashmir movement which has been kept alive by its youth.

"At least 18 youths were implicated in a false case (of DySP's lynching) who are serving detention in Kotbalwal jail. I urged the state human rights commission (SHRC) to be probe their role, but they didn't conduct any probe," he said.

The JKLF chairman said the oppression in Kashmir has touched new heights and even 18-month-old baby was turned blind by pellets. 

"We need to tell the world that we are oppressed. When acts like the one committed on last Friday take place in Kashmir, it gives a justification to New Delhi to even go for bombardment of the place," he said.

Malik said that those who committed the sacrilegious act stand exposed across the globe and "people have rejected them and condemned their ideology worldwide".

Malik said that youth must understand the gravity of the situation.

"I want to ask them: has Mirwaiz Umar sahib barred them from raising pro-freedom slogans? I warn people to be aware of election politics being played by pro-India politicians".

"Elections are round the corner and those who stated that whether boys had gone to army camps to buy toffees or milk, are once again seeking votes. Aren't they the same people who are responsible for imposition of armed forces special powers Act (AFSPA) under which forces can barge into any house or kill anybody on mere suspicion?" he asked.

Those who spoke on the occasion include Jamaat-e-Islami spokesman advocate Zahid Ali; Jamait-e-Ahlihadith representative Zubair Tahiri; head of Anjuman-e-Himatul Islam Moulana Showkat Hussain Keng; representative of Anjuman-e-Shar-e-Shian Ghulam Muhammad Nagoo, Parwan-e-Wilayat patron Moulana Sibt Muhammad Shabiri and other religious leaders and civil society activists. The program was moderated by Moulana Syed-ur-Rehman Shams.

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