Kashmiri family denied travel by airline Indigo cites aviation rules

A family from south Kashmir said that Indigo airline refused to let them board the plane at Delhi Airport on 24 February, citing ‘confusion’ about names on the tickets and identity documents.

Mehwish, who was traveling along with other family members, said her ticket had her first name and family surname while other Aadhaar card had her father’s name as the surname.

“We pleaded that we have traveled earlier also on the same documents but the airline staff was so aggressive and they misbehaved with us,” she said.

She said not only did the airline not refund the tickets but called in security personnel to evict them.

“Like we were terrorists,” she said.

An eyewitness, Saqib, from Srinagar, said he saw the females crying and pleading to the Indigo staff.

“I intervened and told them that the confusion can be easily cleared by verifying Aadhaar. But they threatened the same treatment to me also.

The family said they travelled by train and have reached Jammu.

“Are we terrorists? Is that they saw Shopian, Pulwama, on tickets and harassed us?” said Mohammad Shafi, another family member.

The airline, in a statement, had clarified: “As per Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, the name on the ticket has to match with the name on the Govt. ID card.

We do have provisions for name rectification but this was a case of name change. As per process, the ticket had to be cancelled and a fresh ticket needed to be booked.

The option was declined by the passenger. As a gesture, we had still waived the cancellation charges and refunded them in full.”