KCCA holds elections, forms new body

An association of Education Consultants of Kashmir under the banner of Kashmir Career Counsellors Association (KCCA) has conducted elections for the posts Chairman, President, Vice President, General Secretary and Treasurer.

According to a statement issue here, the elections were conducted smoothly and democratically with Suhail Khan being elected as chairman, while as Tanveer Wani elected as president, Ishfaq Majeed as vice-president, Ayaz Ali as general secretary, Mir Yaseen has been elected as treasurer of the association. Elections were convened with the help, guidance and assistance of Election Committee members including, Bashir Ahmad Reshi, Sanam Bhat, Rayees Ali, Muneer Wani, Junaid

Oath ceremony was conducted by ex-chairman Ashfaq Zahgeer. There are 110 Education Consultancies, under this banner and the list will be published separately. Students/parents should make sure to check a list of associates before booking admission with any consultant.