KEG anguished at 'abuse' of journalist

Kashmir Editors Guild (KEG) on Monday expressed anguish and pain over the reported abuse of journalist, Auqib Javed by police, managing the Cyber Cell here.

A statement said Javed, an accredited journalist, had been summoned over a story that was published by an on-line news portal in Delhi.

The Guild said though the responsibility of the report published rests mostly with the publisher the “raw deal that Javed got post-summoning does not suit any decision-maker.”

Javed, in his first hand account, published by the website has said that he was slapped and abused. He also said that on the basis of the phone call, from the Cyber Cell, the website editor did acknowledge certain issues with the report and rectified it right away.

“Even if there could have been issues with the report, the reporter and the website were morally bound to rectify it, if any,” the statement said.

The KEG has maintained throughout that the reporters, per se, lack a direct stake holding in a happening beyond reporting it for the society.

Reporters’ role and that of the larger media is mostly that of an unbiased postman. However, it is tragic that every time, there is an issue, it is the messenger that is under attack,” said the statement. Yet again, the statement said, the KEG was urging the authorities to avoid making media a casualty of a situation in which media lacks a role other than record-keeping.

It said Kashmir media including the newspapers published in Jammu and Kashmir and the professionals reporting for diverse media within and outside the country were professional, objective and very well experienced.

“Making media a deliberate victim does not augur well for the larger society and does not suit the democratic polity either,” the statement said.