Khalida Shah cautions BJP against 'interfering' in religious affairs of Kashmiris

Awami National Conference (ANC) chief on Thursday said New Delhi has deprived people of J&K of their inalienable legal and constitutional guarantees and rights by abrogating Articles 370 and 35A.

“There are systematic and covert efforts to erase the identity of people of J&K. The present rulers have turned Jammu and Kashmir into a colony. By imposing new laws regularly after unconstitutional and undemocratic decisions of 5 August 2019, they are trampling upon the people of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh, politically, socially and mentally and are trying to push them towards economic misery and disaster,” Shah said, in a statement.

She said the latest example was the “interference” with properties of J&K Wakf.

“It was brought into existence through the hard efforts and financial support of the people of the state which led to the creation and construction of numerous commercial and non-commercial buildings that supported thousands of families earning their livelihood by investing their personal capital with the Auqaf-e Islamia. Now as part of the BJP’ s new Kashmir policy, the Central Waqf Board has started to directly interfere into its matters. Eviction notices are being issued to decades old tenants, which has caused great concern and resentment among thousands of business professionals,” she said.

The ANC chief said the move of 5 August 2019 has already left people in dire financial state and businesses have been shut down, creating more problems for them and depriving them of their livelihood with far-reaching consequences.