KMI urges people to adopt COVID SOPs

Khyber Medical Institute (KMI) has urged people visiting its medical facility at Khayam here to strictly adhere to COVIDs SOPS in view of rise in cases.

“Keeping increasing COVID cases in view, Management of Khyber Hospital sincerely appeals people of Kashmir that there should be minimum Attendants flow, visit to the Khyber Hospital. Only in case of dire emergency, they should bring the patient to the hospital.

Unnecessary visit to the hospital poses a greater risk to catch the infection that person can spread the virus to the family and community. Only one attendant should accompany the patient,” said Dr Showkat Shah critical care expert and Medical superintendent of Khyber hospital in a statement. “All attendants and patients who enter the hospital should wear proper face mask and use hand wash. In addition to keep the proper social distance in opd and in hospital premises,” he said.