Laharwalpora road in Bandipora gives tough time to travellers

The villagers of Laharwalpora in north Kashmir’s Bandipora district suffer immensely due to the dilapidated condition of the road.

The villagers told Greater Kashmir that the concerned authorities have failed to upgrade the condition of the road for last five years even as they have been apprised umpteenth times.

“The road was last macadamized in the year 2014 and since then the concerned authorities have failed to upgrade its condition, thereby making villagers suffer immensely. The road has developed huge potholes at several places due to lack of maintenance by the concerned department,” said village head, Muhammad Ramzan Malla.

The villagers said that during dry weather they face a lot of difficulties due to the dust and when it rains, huge potholes developed due to non-maintenance of the road get filled with water.

Laharwalpora village is located on the banks of Wular Lake with around 700 households and is mainly dominated by the fishermen community.

They said that the road has not been upgraded from the last 5 years from Watapora, which connects the village with Bandipora town, having a road length of around 3 kilometers.

Assistant Executive Engineer R&B division Bandipora, Javid Ahmad, said that they have already issued a tender of around Rs 17 lakhs for upgradation of the road this year.

“The road will be upgraded this year and it will be raised a bit from ground level to prevent it from getting waterlogged. Due to waterlogging the condition of the road worsens so we have to upgrade the road first and for that we have already issued a tender,” he said.

He said that last year they had macadamized 200 meters of the road, however this year the road will be first upgraded for its proper maintenance and next year the road will be macadamized.