Laigaroo criticizes admin over poor drainage system in Srinagar

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Youth Secretary, Arif Laigaroo on Wenesday expressed concern over water logging in city areas.

In a statement, Laigaroo said despite tall claims by the government, few hours of rainfall once again exposed the poor drainage system in the capital city.

He said the rains caused water-logging in most parts of the city, resulting in inconvenience to the commuters. “Most of the roads and by-lanes of the city have got water-logged, causing massive traffic jams,” he said.

Laigaroo said at some busy junctions, including Regal Chowk, pedestrians preferred to hire auto-rickshaw to cross the roads. “Most of the public transport went off the roads due to water logging,” he said, adding the problem was compounded by defunct drainage system in various areas.