Landslides disconnect Uri villages

Landslides hit Mohra-Baaz road in Uri area of north Kashmir’s Baramulla district on Tuesday, disconnecting several villages from the district headquarters.

Locals said landslides hit Mohra-Baaz road at Choola Monday morning, disrupting the traffic movement as well as people’s connectivity with the plains of the area.

“The landslide is of high magnitude and over a kilometer road has been buried under the debris,” said Ghulam Din of Choola Uri.

Among the affected villages include Choola, Zamoorpattan and Ghati.

The locals alleged that the occurring of the landslides had started after the Border Road Organisation (BRO) carried the widening of the road.

They said despite the area being landslide-prone, BRO while widening the road did not construct safety walls.

“Resultantly, the landslides often land on the road, disrupting the vehicular as well as pedestrian movement for weeks,” the locals said.

“The widening of the road has resulted in frequent triggering of landslides. The beacon authorities had not constructed safety walls all along the road which is the core reason that landslides often land on the road and disrupts the traffic as well as pedestrian movement for weeks,” said Kamaluddin of Choola.

The locals requested the authorities to take immediate action in removing the debris from the road besides directing the BRO to construct the safety wall along the road.