Legal Metrology Department penalizes computer importers in Srinagar

Legal Metrology Department on Wednesday booked a reputed computer showroom owner for selling computer accessories without adequate labeling.

In a statement issued here, the spokesperson said that during a routine inspection of markets in the city Srinagar, the owner of the showroom was booked for the sale of computer accessories including hard-drives, pen-drives, random assessment memories, toners, cables, etc without labeling. The management of the show-room produced bills of importers/Distributors—to whom legal notices were served to explain the cause of lapses.

“Under Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011, every Importer of pre-packaged commodities has to re-label the imported products as per the law of the country in English language,” the statement said. “The imported product should carry the trade name of Importer with complete address, e-mail and phone no., country of origin, month and year of import, MRP (inclusive of all taxes),” it said, adding “The non-printing of mandatory declaration is an offence under the said laws. Two importer-companies confessed the lapses and assured the department that their future supplies of Computer-accessories shall be law compliant.”

Meanwhile, the Deputy Controller, Legal Metrology Department slapped a fine of Rs. 1 lakh on one importer company having 3 Directors and Rs. 0.50 lakh on the other company having one nominated Director. The consumers are informed to buy only those imported pre-packed products which carry all the mandatory declarations. In case of any complaint, the Department may be contacted on the Phone No. 0194-2490390 during office hours.