Lone seeks release of political leaders, activists

National Conference MP from Baramulla, Muhammad Akbar Lone on Tuesday sought immediate release of all incarcerated leaders, activists and students languishing in jails inside and outside J&K.

While expressing concern over the plight of detainees, Lone, in a statement said, the rationale behind their detention was mere conjectures and that having them inside jail was illegal and unconstitutional.

“The plight the detainees are going through at present is unimaginable. At a time when the state governments across the country are finding means and ways to de-congest the jails of inmates, the central government has chosen to shut it eyes to the woes of detainees from Kashmir,” Lone said.

He said most of these detainees have been relinquished to their fate both inside and outside state. “It is not hidden from anyone how bleak the situation is in jails across the country as far as basic facilities are concerned. The kith and kin of those who are languishing in jails are also going through mental trauma and anxiety,” Lone said.

He said it was not impossible for the relatives to travel at this juncture to meet their loved ones because of the countrywide lockdown and COVID19 protocol.

Lone said it was depressing to see people who had lifelong conviction for democracy were being ill-treated. “The party General Secretary, Ali Muhammad Sagar and Hilal Lone continue to remain detained under PSA. Others have been kept illegally in their homes and some at detention centers. One is at is wits end to ascertain the rationale behind prolonging their incarceration. Their only fault is that they have all along been watering the values of democracy in J&K,” Lone said.

“Having them in jails, denying them access to colleagues, family, relatives is disturbing and least insightful of country’s democratic ideals and constitutionalism. I request government of India to release all the detainees languishing in jails, detention centers, house detentions without any delay,” he said adding, his party colleagues including Nasir Aslam Wani, Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi, AR Rathar, Chowdhary Ramzaan, M Shafi Uri, Shameema Firdous, Aga Syed Mehmood, Dr Bashir Veeri, AM Dar, Abdul Majeed Bhat (Larmi) and Irfan Shah should also be released from their illegal house detentions.

“Their detention is bereft of any reason. Having them locked up will only create an atmosphere of suspicion, stopping them from getting in touch with their people is not in the interest of country and J&K. Therefore all my party colleagues be released fore with,” Lone said.