'Maiden indigenous Retrograde CTO done at KMI'

Greater Kashmir

Khyber Medical Institute (KMI) in a statement said that its medical team at the hospital today performed the first of its kind complex cardiac procedure.

A statement from the Institute said a patient with long Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO), that is 100 percent blocked artery was admitted. The patient, the doctors said, had the blocked artery extending upto a length of more than 30mm.  “He had ambiguous cap getting severe angina on exertion with left ventricle dysfunction,” the statement said. The patient had undergone a failed antegrade procedure outside state few months back. “Lesion was crossed retrograde with Gaia 3 wire over fine cross microcatheter, and two stents were deployed with an excellent result,” the statement said.

Procedure was done by Dr Syed Maqbool, Dr Irfan Bhat and cath lab team including Ulfat, Hameem and Sarwar while critical care backup was provided by Dr Showkat Shah.