Man made changes in environment disturb whole ecosystem: V-C KU

Speakers at a daylong event on Thursday stressed the need for conservation of water and preservation of natural resources in J&K.

The event ‘Education and Environment: Our times, our challenges’ was organized by Moral Education, Environment and Relief Council (MEERC) under the aegis of Private Schools Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJ&K) at convocation complex of Kashmir University (KU).

The function witnessed jam packed gathering of students of various private schools of valley besides other dignitaries.

Speaking at the occasion, VC Kashmir University (KU) Prof Talat Ahmad expressed concern over depletion of natural water outlets in valley which he said were main cause of flooding.

“Wherever we had natural outlet of water is not there now in Kashmir. Even a short spell of rain results in flooding in city and other areas,” Prof. Talat said.

He said the man made changes in the environment disturb the whole eco system.

“Society particularly the students should have the knowledge about environment and surroundings. The nature has its own way to be appreciated,” he said.

Referring to the recent rainfall which submerged the whole city centre here, Prof. Talat said the city witnessed flood like situation due to damages made to environment.

The KU VC said the Valley witnessed felling of trees in various catchment areas which were cut by people for their own comfort.

“When we cut trees for our own comfort it is going to disturb the whole ecosystem. Due to cutting of trees lot of soil gets eroded and gets into lakes and rivers and creates problem,” he said.

In his address, VC Chancellor Central University of Kashmir (CUK Prof. Mehraj-ud-din Mir stressed on water conservation and said the a single drop of water is very important as “Almighty has bestowed us with natural resources and which are supposed to remain preserved.”

“Moral education usually begins from home and the education should not remain confined to Madrasas and homes only, this education should be given to the students of all schools,” he said.

Muhammad Aadam from Bolton UK in his address called for water conservation and preservation of natural resources.

Dr Mahmood Chandia from University of Central Lancashire, UK in his address called on the people to refrain from using polythene which end up harming the environment.

Chairman MEERC, Manzoor Ahmad Wangnoo while speaking at the occasion said they have decided to plant one million trees in coming years.