Masoodi demands evacuation of stranded students

National Conference MP Justice (retd) Hasnain Masoodi on Monday reiterated his demand for immediate evacuation of Kashmiri students stranded in various cities across the country.

“At present scores of students from Kashmir are stranded at Indore, Jalisalmer, Bangalore, and Delhi, where they have completed their quarantine stays and are now waiting to go home. At one instance 150 students at Jaisalmer have completed their quarantine period. Similarly others putting up at various quarantine centers across the country also have completed their quarantine periods. It has become unbearable for them to bear the soaring heat of plains. At other instance 17 girl students from Kashmir quarantined at Shri Vivekaananda rehabilitation center in Amritsar have also completed their quarantine period.”

“While as the students of other states have been evacuated by their respective state governments, 17 female students hailing from J&K are looking to J&K administration to step in and facilitate their return. In addition, 55 students from J&K also remain stranded at Bangalore; scores of them at Delhi waiting for the J&K administration to facilitate their safe return to their home towns in J&K.”

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