'Mess on Highway, Mughal Road'

President J&K People’s Movement, Dr Shah Faesal, has asked Government of India to “immediately attend to the mess on Jammu-Srinagar National Highway and the Mughal Road which is causing immense hardships to people”.

“NH has never remained disrupted like this and it seems that ongoing road-widening process is either not in sync with the local geographical requirements or the advanced road building technologies are not being used,” KNS quoted Faesal as having said.

“It is unfortunate that travelling on NH has become a nightmare for the ordinary people,” Faesal said.

“If Government doesn’t think that this State is important then it’s better to let go of the State. Passengers are scared of travelling on the road. Cattle and poultry being transported are dying of starvation due to long unexpected halting time. Vegetables and fruits are rotting,” he said while speaking to a delegation of passengers who had come to meet him at Srinagar party office, KNS said.

“Similar is the case with the Mughal Road. People have to wait for hours to cross the security check point at Poshana. A small intervention like giving additional staff at the check point and arranging for toilets, etc. would reduce the inconvenience to passengers.

Kishtwar-Jammu and Srinagar-Kargil roads are also not motorable and the Government has no idea of the magnitude of crisis,” Faesal regretted.

He urged upon the Government to constitute a Committee of Secretaries for supervising the restoration effort in a time bound manner.

“If the Government can’t even ensure inter-provincial road connectivity, not to speak of devastated district roads and inner links, we are better off without such a government,” added the statement.