Mian Altaf has spoken to Ram Madhav several times: Khalid Jehangir

Terming Mian Altaf’s reaction to his telephone call as “over reaction,” BJP leader, Khalid Jehangir said it was not for the first time that the National Conference leader had to speak to BJP national General Secretary Ram Madhav.

In a statement, Jehangir said Madhav had arrived in Kashmir for 2-day tour and he was scheduled to visit his hometown Ganderbal.

“In that context I called Mian Altaf sahib on his phone and informed him that if you want to speak to him (Madhav) over phone, you can call on my number,” Jehangir said.

He said: “It’s not for the first that Ram Madhav and Mian Altaf sahib had to speak on phone. When Mian Altaf sahib’s daughter expired, Ram Madhav Ji spoke to Altaf sahib on my phone and offered his condolences,” he said. “I feel Mian Altaf sahib has overreacted to the situation by issuing a politically immature statement. He should have acted in a more matured way rather than issuing a statement which depicts desperation,” Jehangir said.