Mian Altaf releases Zafar Iqbal's Gojri book 'Majborri'

Former Minister and prominent Gujjar leader Mian Altaf Ahmad on Sunday released Zafar Iqbal’s latest Gojri book, ‘Majborri’ at an event organised by Adbi Sangat Kashmir – an organization working for development of tribal languages.

The programme was held at Seminar Hall of J&K Cultural Academy at Lalmandi, this afternoon.

Mian Altaf Ahmed, in his address appreciated the author of the book Ch. Zafar Iqbal of Kellar Pulwama for his outstanding contributions to Gojri theatre and play writing genre.

He stated that the plays included in the book reflects cultural heritage and ethos of tribal society, besides it enriches Gojri languages as well.

He further said that Gojri is an important language of State and a lot of literature is available in the language.

He impressed upon Govt especially State Board of School Education to include Gojri language in schools curriculum in 11th and 12th as one of the languages of the state like Kashmir, Dogri and Ladakhi.

Dr. Javaid Rahi in his address impressed upon Gojri writers, researchers, artists and institutions to work in close association of each other to propagate their language Gojri which is an integral part of our tribal identity.

He congratulated the author of the book Majbori and organizers for holding an impressive event in the heart of the city.

Ch Salam Din Bajad in his welcome address spoke about the activities being held under the banner of Adbi Sangat Kashmir during last few years.

He gives an collaborative account of programmes of their organisation for Gojri Language and Culture.

He demanded that Gojri must be included as major language in AIR and DD.

Qaisar ud Din Qaisar in his address stated that Gojri is mother of Gujarati, Rajasthani and Urdu.

He impressed upon cultural organisations to hold more such purposeful event in the state to develop Gojri.

He said congratulated Adbi Sangat Kashmir and Zafar Iqbal for contributing a book in Gojri which will add to play writing in Gojri language. Earlier, Ch Rafaqat Gazi, read out a paper in Gojri about the book.