Misspelled banners embarrass Shopian hospital admin during COVID19 vaccine rollout dry run

The administration at the District Hospital Shopian found itself in an embarrassing spot while conducting a dry run for COVID19 vaccination rollout.

The flex banners put up by the hospital staff announcing the event carried glaring spell errors.

The words like “vaccination” and “district” were misspelled as “vacinaion” and “dictrict”.

After the event was over, the officials scrambled to remove the banners.

Although the word “district” was corrected on one of the banners, no attention was paid towards another misspelled word.

The dry run for the COVID19 vaccine was held on Friday with around 25 participants.

Similar banners were also spotted at other medical facilities in the district where dry runs were held.

At the Government Primary Health Centre (PHC) Tuckroo, one such banner was put up at the entrance of the facility.

An embarrassed official at the District Hospital Shopian said that the banners were provided by the office of the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Shopian.

However, he said that the officials who supervised the immunisation programme and outsourced the printing work must have checked the banners before giving them out to the hospitals.

Another official termed the “goof up” as “incompetence of the hospital administration at multiple levels”.

“It lays bare the carelessness of the hospital administration,” he said.