Mohan Bhagwat's remarks matter of shame for PDP: National Conference

Mohan Bhagwat's remarks matter of shame for PDP: National Conference

‘What happened to assurance of status-quo on special status’?

National Conference on Saturday said RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat’s remarks about the need for constitutional amendments to repeal J&K’s special status was a matter of shame for the PDP and asked the party to introspect about the costs that the State could pay because of its "abject surrender to the BJP and the RSS to remain in power." 


In a statement issued from National Conference Head Office, ‘Nawa-e-Subha’ in Srinagar, NC State Spokesperson Junaid Azim Mattu while strongly condemning the RSS Chief’s remarks said J&K’s special status was the only constitutional bridge that connected J&K to the rest of the country and the RSS Chief should stop misleading the people to stoke passions in the face of growing criticism over the drastic economic slowdown in the country. 


“While the RSS and the BJP have repeatedly made their intentions absolutely clear with regard to Article 35-A and Article 370, it is the PDP’s apologetic silence that is a matter of grave concerns and is indicative of a complete sell-out that could have dangerous and far-reaching implications for the State and its people”, the NC Spokesperson said. 


The NC Spokesperson asked the PDP to stop "adding insult to injury" by still talking about its alleged, fictitious ‘Agenda of the Alliance’ with the BJP that had clearly mentioned that BJP had agreed to a status-quo on the State’s Special Status. 


“Far from agreeing on a ‘status-quo’, BJP and RSS has intensified its overt and covert activities against Article 35-A and Article 370 and Mohan Bhagwat’s remarks go on to reveal the seriousness and gravity of this onslaught on J&K’s political rights and dignity”, the NC Spokesperson further said. 


“The judicial activism that has resulted in Article 35-A being under judicial review in the Supreme Court is a direct result of RSS’s elaborate plan aimed at abrogating the State’s Special Status by litigations and petitions filed through affiliate hitherto unknown organizations. What is alarming is the State Government’s lacklustre and unprofessional legal defence of Article 35-A and also the fact that the Central Government chose to not file a writer counter affidavit defending the Article. This has made it evidently clear that both PDP and BJP are on the same page and the elaborate, melodramatic fixed-match is aimed at providing a cover to the RSS to further its long-held ideological agenda with respect to Jammu and Kashmir”, the NC Spokesperson said in the statement.