Most Tulail residents without Aadhaar, demand extension in deadline to link it with ration cards

The residents of the far-flung region of Tulail in the frontier Gurez valley Thursday said that while most of them were without Aadhaar cards, the latest diktats of the administration orders had made it mandatory to link their ration cards with Aadhaar within a week.

Expressing resentment, the villagers from 10 panchayat constituencies represented by Sarpanch Abdul Raheem Lone in Tualil appealed the Deputy Commissioner and Sub Divisional Magistrate to intervene.

Lone said that 45 percent of the population in Tulail valley was without Adhaar cards due to the area being remote and cut-off for most of the time during the winters and also having connectivity issues.

He said that despite putting in efforts to get the Aadhaar cards made, they were not able to and that the administration was well aware of it.

Lone said that the government had fixed a deadline for 15 February to link the Aadhaar with ration cards but expressed fear that the residents of Tulail would fail to do so.

“We request the government to extend the deadline to link Aadhaar cards till July,” he said.

Waseem Ahmad, another Tulail resident, said, “We have been told that our ration cards will be cancelled and names dropped from the list of beneficiaries getting ration in case we fail to link the Aadhaar cards in a few days.”

In one such order by Assistant Director Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Bandipora, on February 9, all the TSOs have been asked to achieve 100 percent collection and seeding of Aadhaar target within a week or face action.

“You were advised to direct your storekeepers and FPS dealers to achieve the target of Aadhaar seeding by 100 percent but despite repeated directions from this office you people failed to achieve the same till date,” the order states. “The matter may be accorded top priority.”