MP CM's job reservation announcement exposes BJP's hypocrisy: NC

National Conference on Tuesday hit out at the BJP after Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister announced to reserve local jobs exclusively for people from the state.

In a statement, the party spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar said on one hand BJP and its government at the Center continues to make a lot of noise about integration issue but do a volt-face when BJP leader and MP Chief Minster publicly announces reserving government jobs for its youth.

“Why hasn’t this put the ruling dispensation to jittery or hasn’t BJP integrated Madhya Pradesh well enough to dole out its jobs to outsiders, like it was done in case of Jammu and Kashmir? Disparate measures like these bring forth the legitimate apprehensions of people of Jammu and Kashmir,” said Imran.

He said National Conference has categorically rejected the new Domicile law introduced in J&K on account of its limitations to protect the rights of youth in local jobs and education. “Why central government is in-congruent in its policies towards different states and that why were the genuine concerns of the people of J&K sacrificed? The announcement of MP Chief Minister has raised valid queries on the issue as to why youth of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh are denied their rights on the local resources?” he said.

 “J&K has an undulating topography; the economic resources are bleak with no vibrant private sector as a reason only government sector is the major employment provider in the entire region. This window of opportunity has also been closed down for the natives by the government of India. If a comparatively rich state like Madhya Pradesh thinks reserving jobs for locals is imperative for its youth, then there should be no denying the fact that Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh deserve it much more than any other state on the account of its poverty, remoteness, topography and other assortment of reasons plaguing the entire region,” he said.