MUAS calls for shutdown on January 23

Greater Kashmir

Srinagar, Jan 21: Stating that they were expecting Hurriyat leaders to take initiative against the latest incident of publication of caricature in a French Magazine, Muttahida Ullema Ahle Sunnat (MUAS) Tuesday called for complete shutdown on January 23 against the blasphemous incident.
Addressing a press conference here, MUAS chief spokesperson Qazi Yasir said the incident has hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims across the world.
He added that the chairman MUAS Moulana Riyazul Haq Noorabadi would head a team to New Delhi where they are scheduled to meet ambassadors of all Islamic countries. “This meeting would take place in the first week of February and future program would be framed thereafter,” he said.
He said: “It is the duty of every Muslim to respond to such insults against our beloved Prophet as the love for prophet is the top duty of any Muslim. To observe strike on January 23 is to express our resentment against the intolerable acts against Islam.”
He urged Muslims of the Valley to hold peaceful rallies and processions, starting from local Masjids after Friday prayers.
He said: “Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world as per Wikipedia with 1.86 % growth rate and this is the reason there are always incidents like banning of scarf and making caricatures of our Prophet.”
He added that as per intelligence agency of France, Islam has grown six times in last two decades there and this is why there is Islamphobia in France and Europe.
Opposing the proposed move by federal government about migration of western Pakistani refugees, he said: “It is Israeli like policy taken by India where they want to bring outsiders to settle here and out-populate the locals, with the result to capture the land of Kashmir. “But no Kashmiri will allow that,” he said,
Third, we appealed all trade associations and transport associations to extent their support to the call and observe complete shutdown on January 23.
He said that they have also entered into talks with both factions of Hurriyat on the issue. “We have constituted a group to talk on the blasphemous issue with Hurriyat leaders of both factions including Jammu and Kashmir Front led by Yasin Malik,” he said while replying to a query. He added that MUAS had maintained silence earlier on the matter as they were expecting Hurriyat to take initiative.
Asked, whether the caricature was reaction against the recent killings of the Paris cartoonist, he said: “Everyone has right to travel and one who travels without having passport to other side of the border has to face the music of the law of land of other country.