NC condemns treatment 'meted out to media houses'

Jammu and Kashmir National Conference (NC) on Friday expressed dismay over what it termed as the coercive tactics the government is employing to muzzle the media fraternity in Kashmir.

Party’s Spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar said, “Earlier the JK administration came up with a new media policy which evoked wide condemnation from all quarters. The policy makes it easier for the government to go after reporters and publications that do not toe the state’s line. Now, the administration has stooped a new low by asking the media fraternity to vacate government accommodations. The measure should not be seen in isolation, it is the part of the larger pressure tactics to muzzle and curb free speech,” he said.

He said that the treatment meted out to Kashmir Times Editor Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal and to a local news agency are two cases in point. “In both cases the due procedure of law has not been followed. Earlier also many correspondents working with various media houses were also told to vacate their government allotted accommodations. Media fraternity in Kashmir is already working in tough situations; the administration far from augmenting facilities available to media fraternity is dislodging them and subjecting them to undue tribulations,” he added.