NC hits back: 'Akhtar tasked to justify PDP's unjustifiable actions'

NC hits back: 'Akhtar tasked to justify PDP's unjustifiable actions'

Mattu said that Omar Abdullah never called PDP''s Rajya Sabha candidates illiterate and this has been wrongly attributed to the NC working president.

Dubbing PDP chief spokesperson Naeem Akhtar as an “errand boy” of Mufti Muhammad Sayeed, National Conference (NC) Thursday he (Akhtar) has been tasked by Mufti to “justify the unjustifiable.”

“Naeem Akhtar has no choice but to bend backwards to do the extra bit to please the father-daughter duo given that he will soon be rendered irrelevant, vestigial accessory within PDP by Ashiq Bukharis and Khursheed Alams,” NC spokesperson Junaid Azim Mattu told local news gathering agency CNS. 

Reacting sharply to Akhtar’s cutting remarks on NC working president Omar Abdullah’s educational and professional background, Mattu said; “What political background did Mehbooba have that her father subjected senior party leaders with decades of political experience like Muzaffar Beig into her perpetual service and placed all senior PDP leaders at her beck and call?” 

“What political background did Mufti’s in-laws and in-laws of in-laws have to get mandates in PDP? From what one hears, even poor Naeem Sahab is getting badly scolded and admonished by Mehbooba Mufti in front of everyone these days. If that is the cause of his obnoxious outbursts, our sympathies are with him,” Mattu said.

Mattu said that Omar Abdullah never called PDP’s Rajya Sabha candidates illiterate and this has been wrongly attributed to the NC working president. "Naeem Akhtar should apologize for issuing an obnoxious statement on something that was never said,” he said and added nevertheless it is a fact that PDP has insulted the educated youth of J&K by sending middle-pass politicians to speak on their behalf in the country’s Upper House – a forum of debate on policy, planning, and ideology. PDP’s logic is that it has ‘rewarded’ two candidates who lost the recent assembly elections by thin margins. 

“Are the Rajya Sabha seats opportunities to represent Kashmiris or rewards that PDP can award for petty, local electoral politics within the party?” he questioned. “What an insult to the educated youth of the state – don’t they at least deserve an educated voice to represent them in the country’s Upper House?” 

“Also, by this logic of thin margins and mass support, people like Naeem Akthar have no business being MLCs – they are virtually non-entities in the game of elections and margins. But as I said, all our sympathy for Naeem Akhtar – he’s just trying to get a pat on the back,” Mattu said.

Asked was it the party’s or personal failure of Omar Abdullah to lose elections from Sonawar and secure Beerwah seat by a thin margin, Mattu said the contest from Sonawar was always touch and go and he (Omar Abdullah) barely campaigned in Sonawar. “Omar Abdullah challenged and defeated a sitting PDP MLA from Beerwah. The decision to contest from a seat where PDP had a sitting MLA demonstrates Omar Abdullah’s and NC’s confidence. His victory from Beerwah is a reiteration of his leadership. You should also acknowledge that Ganderbal went to NC and that is also a validation that Omar Abdullah’s great work there,” he said.

Responding to a question about the functioning of PDP, Mattu said PDP is a Mufti family club and a number of MLAs are from Mufti’s immediate family. “Now even Mufti’s MPs have started promoting their own families-with Karra promoting and giving a mandate to his sister-in-law and Beig promoting and giving a mandate to his nephew. They clearly discriminate socially and clearly cannot claim to represent all sections of the society and the community. They believe in divide and rule and setting people against each other,” he said adding that PDP is a safe haven for not only retired corrupt bureaucrats who were sacked on charges of corruption but also a safe haven for “dreaded killers and extortionists” like Ashiq Bukhari.  

Asked how does NC view the possible PDP-BJP alliance, Mattu said NC always maintained that PDP was created by BJP to sabotage NC’s demand for the restoration of Autonomy and with a larger aim of fragmenting the regional political voice of the State.