NC hits out at BJP over demolition of tribal hutments in Pahalgam

National Conference on Wednesday said the recent demolition of hutments of Gujjar and Bakarwal community in Lidroo Pahalgam gives an insight into the discrimination and apathy that the BJP nurtures against them, debunking their claims on being guardian of tribal rights.

“Ever since BJP came into power at the Center, there has been unfortunately no cessation to the hostility against the Gujjar and Bakarwal community, which forms the third biggest ethic block in the J&K,” said a delegation of party members who visited Pahalgam.

The visiting delegation was led by senior National Conference leader Mian Altaf Ahmed and others including Nasir Aslam Wani, Hasnain Masoodi, Altaf Kaloo, Abdul Majeed Bhat Larmi, and Riyaz Khan.

The delegation expressed sympathies with the affected and demanded strict action against the officials who carried out the “unlawful demolition” of the hutments, at a time when winter has set in and the temperatures have fallen to sub-zero level.

The delegation unequivocally condemned the highhandedness of the officials saying that targeting Gujjars was part of the larger design of BJP to disenfranchise every segment of society in J&K, and that intimidating Gujjars, bulldozing their dwellings, attacking their cattle should be seen in that direction.

The delegation said the government was now putting the blame on the Forest department in a bid to escape the wrath of people.

“However passing the blame won’t help the government to absolve itself from the illegal eviction of the poor tribal and subsequent razing down of their hutments,” they said, in a statement.

The statement said the incumbent government at the Center had made clamor on ensuring tribal communities of J&K all the rights enjoyed by their counterparts in other parts of the country.

“But far from delivering on the promise, the government has mounted a tirade on the poor community. All the claims made by the incumbent ruling dispensation at Delhi in the run up for unilateral and unconstitutional abrogation of the state’s status have fallen flat,” they said.