New JK Industrial Land Allotment Policy bereft of democratic bearings: NC

National Conference (NC) Saturday expressed dismay over the adoption of Jammu and Kashmir Industrial Land Allotment Policy, 2021-30 by the incumbent administration.

A statement of NC issued here said that expressing dismay over the new industrial land allotment policy, NC’s Member of Parliament HassnainMasoodi said that such policy decisions should have been left to the popular government to approve following the “restoration of August 4 position” as it would have a long-term bearing on the industrial outlook of J&K.

The statement quoted Masoodi as saying that a “coterie of bureaucrats” could not replace a vital and vibrant legislature, where pros and cons of such policy decisions were deliberated upon by people’s representatives taking into account its impact on environment, housing and agriculture land usage.

“Such decisions can’t be decided by unrelated bureaucracy. Such a process, in a democratic set up is initiated by taking counsel from people associated with small and large scale industries,” Masoodi said in the statement. “Thereafter the bill is discussed in the cabinet and then tabled in the legislature for further discussions. In this case the entire process has been skipped. Having a coterie of bureaucrats decide on vital issues of a culturally, and topographically diverse region like that of ours is in itself an irony.”