No centre for AIIMS exams in Kashmir

No centre for AIIMS exams in Kashmir
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The authorities in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) have ignored Kashmir in allotment of exam centres for their post graduate (PG) and under-graduate (UG) exams to be conducted in next month.

The exam centre will be located in Jammu for both PG exams–scheduled on May 6—and the UG exams that are scheduled on May 26.

"It is not possible for all candidates to travel to Jammufor exams," said Imtiyaz Qazi, an aspirant for AIIMS UG exams.

The students said the temperature in Jammu is getting hotterwith each passing day.

"Travelling from Srinagar to Jammu in the hottest summerseason will be most difficult for all students particularly girls. It is beyondour understanding why no centre is allotted to Valley for all these exams," theaspirants said.

Earlier, the AIIMS PG aspirants had also urged the governoradministration for intervention in setting up a few centres in the Valley. Butnothing has been done so far.

"Valley students are subjected to mental trauma and ourpreparations get disturbed because we have to plan for travel. The governmentshould take up the matter with authorities in AIIMS and should ensure that oneexam centre is allotted to the Valley every year during these exams," theaspirants said.

Over the years, Kashmir has been ignored in the allotment ofcentres for national level competitive exams.

In February, a batch of 500 students missed GATE-2019 examsas no centre was allotted in Kashmir for the first phase of the exams. Butafter hue and cry, six centres were set up in the Valley.

K Vijay Kumar, advisor to J&K Governor, had told GreaterKashmir the matter will be taken up with authorities concerned in the AIIMS,New Delhi.

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