'No check on illegal sand extraction in NingliNallah Sopore'

The residents of Sopore and adjoining areas in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district Monday expressed anguish over the inaction of the district administration against the elements involved in illegal sand extraction from NingliNallah here in Sopore.

The locals expressed strong resentment over the continuous extraction of sand from NallahNingli at various locations including Tarzoo, Amberpora and Panjipora.

They said illegal extraction of sand from the Nallah was going on ‘unabated’ and in ‘broad day light’ with the tacit support of the officials who were not taking any action.

“The concerned department is watching the extraction as a mute-spectator. The illegal extraction has caused huge damage to the embankments of the Nallah which poses a serious threat to the nearby areas during rainy season,” locals said.

They said that continuous extraction of sand had not only weakened embankments but hundreds of trees had also dried up due to inadequate water in the Nallah.

The locals questioned why the authorities are shying away from stopping this illegal trade in the area.

They said the illegal extraction of sand was mostly being carried out during the early hours but for the past couple of months it was going on unabated during broad daylight too.

The residents appealed the district administration to look into the matter and bring the people involved to the task.

Police officials in Sopore said action would be taken against those who found involved and illegal trade of sand extraction on NingliNallah would end soon.

They said that the matter had been taken up with the concerned department and necessary action would be taken.

The officials said the team of Irrigation and Flood Control Department Sopore visited the area and put back the heaps of extracted sand into NingliNallah.