No vaccination for newborns worries parents in Bandipora

Many parents in this district are worried as they are struggling to get their newborn vaccinated after the government directed medical staff to focus on fight against COVID19

The parents complained that with doctors and paramedical staff completely engaged in treating COVID19 cases, their babies were missing out on important vaccines.

“I have one-week old kid who needs to get vaccinated now. It is crucial that they get vaccinated. I came here at CHC Hajin to get my baby vaccinated, but doctors are busy in treating COVID-19 patients. No one has been designated for vaccination to newborns?” said Mehmooda, a mother, who had come from Shahgund village.

Another mother, with a three-day-old baby, said that she was even refused for vaccination by her nearby health centre people.

“The health centre people out-rightly rebuked me. They said that they didn’t even have a doctor for general patients. Besides, attending kids in such circumstances is not possible,” said the mother with her three-day-old baby in her lap.

She complained, “Even here at CHC Hajin I wasn’t able to get my baby vaccinated as no one here has been assigned this job. What am I supposed to do?”

Another mother Asiya, who had recently given birth to a baby girl was skeptical about the future of her daughter’s health as her repeated visits to a nearby health centre in Nowgam village had not yielded her the desired results.

“I went to the nearby health centre in Nowgam village several times, but all I did was return back home dejected without getting my baby vaccinated. I am so much worried about the future health of my little baby,” Asiya said.

The parents are asking authorities to suggest them an alternative so that they can get their babies vaccinated.

Recently, Chief Medical Office Bandipora issued an order wherein all the doctors and paramedical staff posted at PHCs /NTPHC’s/Uds/Sub-Centres (except NTPHC Nowgam /Naidkhai and Ajas) were directed to attend their duties at CHC Hajin to join in fight against COVID- 19.

All the mothers, who were also waiting for their newborns to get vaccinated, suggested that the administration should make some sort of arrangements or designate some people for the vaccination as it is also important.

Doctors in Hajin confirmed that due to Coronavirus threat they are not vaccinating babies.

Expressing their helplessness in this regard, doctors said, “We remain all day busy with the COVID-19 suspected patients. We have no time to be in hospital and give vaccination to newborn babies.”

Medical Superintendent Sumbal Dr Muzaffar Khan admitted, the immunisation to newly born babies had been put on hold due to the ongoing pandemic.

Chief Medical Officer Bandipora, Dr Tajamul did not respond to the telephone calls from the reporter.

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