Non-locals working in Kashmir urge GoI to ensure safety of Kashmiris in other states

Non-locals working in Kashmir urge GoI to ensure safety of Kashmiris in other states

Say Kashmir an example of brotherhood, communal harmony

Non-local businessmen and labourers working in Kashmir Wednesday urged government of India to ensure safety of Kashmiris in other states. They expressed resentment and condemned the large scale violence against Kashmiris in other states during the past several days. 

The traders assembled at Hari Singh High Street here to a hold protest march to condemn the mpb attacks on Kashmiris. 

Soon after the February 14 Pulwama militant attack on CRPF soldiers, Kashmiris have been attacked and beaten in different parts of India. At numerous places, the Kashmiris pursuing educational courses or doing business were threatened of dire consequences if they didn’t return to Kashmir.

Shiv Kumar from West Bengal, who has been working as labourer in Kashmir for past 15 years and was part of today’s protest march, said: “In Kashmir, we have always found every Kashmiri Muslim extending support to us. We are as safe as at our homes.”

He added that despite all the bad news coming from various states of India, they didn’t face any trouble in Kashmir. “Kashmir is the best example of unity among all religions and brotherhood.”

“We are saddened by the reports of violence against our Kashmiri brothers who are putting up in other states for educational or business purposes. We urge government of India to ensure their safety,” he said.

His colleagues also expressed similar views while urging people of other states to not harass Kashmiris in any form. “In fact, they must ensure Kashmiris in their areas and localities are protected,” they said.

Rakesh, a non-local businessman, said authorities must act against the elements responsible for inciting violence against Kashmiris in different states.

“I have completed my graduation in Srinagar. Later, I started business here. There is not a single incident of threat or violence against non-locals as people in Kashmir believe in and live with communal harmony and brotherhood,” he said, adding, “This must act as an example of humanity, secularism and brotherhood for others.” 

While condemning the attacks on Kashmiris outside, he said authorities must tighten the noose on miscreants responsible for violence and organizing mobs to attack Kashmiris outside.

In the latest incident, Javid Ahmad Khan (27) – a shawl trader from Astanpora Mohallah of Soibugh Budgam was accosted and mercilessly beaten by an abusive mob in Taherpur area of Nadia district in West Bengal on February 19 night.

The protesters said a section of radical elements apparently wants to implement its nefarious designs against the Kashmiris under the refuge of February 14 attack on CRPF convoy.

“We feel safe and secure in Kashmir but at the same time feel sorry for Kashmiris that they are not treated well in our states,” they said.

Various members from minority community were also part of this protest who expressed similar views.