Now, An App To Register Grievances Online | District Administration Ganderbal launches “Itella" App

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The district administration Ganderbal on Tuesday launched Itella app-an Initiative to help people of the district in real time in case of emergencies like fire/natural calamities/traffic jam, eve teasing etc.

The app was launched by the deputy commissioner Ganderbal Shafqat Iqbal. In today’s highly connected world, leveraging mobile technology for emergency response simply makes sense. The people most likely take their smartphones or tablets nearly everywhere they go. During an emergency, these devices are the first place they will look for information—making them an ideal fit for crisis reporting in a hassle-free manner. For this reason, the district administration Ganderbal in collaboration with NIC Ganderbal took an initiative to launch Itella-that streamlines communications during emergency by pushing notifications directly to concerned officer’s mobile device/accounts with the most relevant, up-to-date information like authenticated information, photo and location, thus enables concerned department to react accordingly

Anyone can download this app in Google play store and after registering on the app it allows the user to report any emergency along with pictures and exact location in just a few taps.

DC Ganderbal Shafqat Iqbal said that the Itella App is a move to enable district administration to help people more effectively at the time of emergency.

He said that in near future this app will be integrated with ‘IMDAAD’ an initiative of district Ganderbal to automate/digitize the process of disaster management processes under SDRF/NDRF. IMDAAD will help general public get the required relief in a quick and transparent manner and by digitizing the processes it will help administration to dispose off the cases in an efficient manner. IMDAAD will be available to public as soon as possible, he added.