Open-air Kashmiri music, cultural event held at Dhoodpathri

The first ever open-air Kashmiri music and cultural event was organized at the scenic meadows of Dhoodpathri in Budgam on Saturday, organisers said in a statement.

“Dozens of Kashmiri folk artists and musicians from various parts of Kashmir performed at the event, ‘Vath’, which attracted hundreds of locals, students and tourists,” they said.

“The idea behind the event was to promote the Kashmiri language and culture among the young audience. The reason they chose Doodpathri as the venue was to give audience a feel of Kashmir’s stunning landscape and it’s rich culture,” they added.

Rizwan Javed, the co-founder of the Srinagar based startup SlickRoute, that organized the event, said “Vath” was organised to provide an opportunity and a platform for tourists, locals, and businesses from all over Kashmir to celebrate the rich history and heritage of Kashmir for centuries. “We have somehow become distant from the language and the culture, especially the young people of Kashmir. Vath was an effort to revive the interest,” Javed said.

The locals and tourists who attended the event were left in awe by Bandpather performed by Rayees Wathori and his troop. Other performances included Ladisha and Sufiyana Kalam, there was also a performance by national award winner Manzoor -Ul- Haq. A painting exhibition was also held at the event.

The other co-founder of SlickRoute, Asif Firdous, said, “Kashmiri music and art has not picked up as nobody has marketed it well.”