Outrage as videos of youth beaten by Army go viral

Outrage as videos of youth beaten by Army go viral

Will Verify Veracity Of Videos: Army

Two videos showing Kashmiri youth being beaten by Army, most probably during the holy month of Ramadhan, have gone viral on Internet, with hundreds of people taking to social networking sites to express their anger and outrage. The videos have been seemingly shot by Army men themselves while torturing the youth.

The videos have most probably been shot in South Kashmir. In one of the videos, a youth is being beaten by Army in their Casper vehicle and is ordered to chant anti-Pakistan and pro-India slogans. He is being repeatedly beaten by a soldier and the youth is seen chanting slogans “I love my India. Pakistan Mordabad. Hindustan Zindabad.”

A soldier is also heard telling the boy, “I will shoot you and you will be enlisted in the militant list.”

In another video, half a dozen soldiers are seen beating a youth after stopping his scooty. The soldiers check his mobile phone and beat him with sticks and guns.

While the youth is being beaten he pleads forgiveness and swears by holy month of Ramadhan.

The videos are in circulation for last three days on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Hundreds of people have taken to social networking sites and questioned the beatings.

Some have even questioned the intention behind leaking the videos as they have been filmed by soldiers themselves.

“What the hell is this? How can this be allowed to happen and then justified? Where is the condemnation brigade? This is one of the many reasons of alienation of Kashmiri youth. And then they complain of rise in militancy,” Sheikh Imran writes on Facebook.

Shah Shujah writes, “These videos r deliberately leaked so as to scare Kashmiri people… they can threaten us but can’t scare us.”

General Officer Commanding-in-Chief Lt Gen H S Panag (Retd) wrote on Twitter. “Indeed very wrong! But the date, context of the video should also be posted.”

Tanvir Sadiq, political secretary to former J&K CM Omar Abdullah thanks Gen Panag. “The young man says I’m fasting in Urdu while being beaten that means very recent. Gen Sb thanks for calling a spade a spade,” tweeted Tanvir. 

Bisnhu has tweeted the video link to Army Additional Director General Public Information (Ministry of Defence) and has said, “If this is the way u treat people then mark my words, you are not a peace keeper of India wherein soldiers are beating an unarmed guy.”

“Veracity of the videos is being ascertained,” Defence Spokesman, Col Rajesh Kalia, told Greater Kashmir.