PDP alleges night raids

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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Friday decried the latest development of conducting night raids across Kashmir.

A statement of PDP issued here said that a delegation led by AsiyaNaqash visited the family of Ghulam Muhammad Putoo of Mirakshah, Hazratbal, whose wife died of a heart attack allegedly during a night raid.

It said that terming the situation as reminiscent of the dark era of 1990s, Naqash said an atmosphere of fear was being imposed in Kashmir in the absence of any accountability from the system and institutions.

“These invasive nocturnal raids not only violate the privacy of individuals but also scare the entire population. People can’t even sleep safely in their homes now,” she said.

Demanding a quick and time-bound investigation into the matter, Naqash said the administration should take a strict note of such deviation from Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) so that incidents like these do not become a norm.