PDP-BJP alliance to be transparent, policy oriented: Mufti

PDP-BJP alliance to be transparent, policy oriented: Mufti

The former chief minister was talking to reporters here after casting his vote in favour of party candidates in Rajya Sabha elections.

In a virtual rebuff to his critics, Peoples Democratic Party patron Mufti Muhammad Syed Saturday said that the proposed alliance with Bhartiya Janta Party for government formation in Jammu and Kashmir will be transparent and policy oriented.

“We have nothing to hide and everything will be transparent and public”, he said adding, “So far we have held track-II dialogue with BJP and it was made public. This will be followed by structured dialogue and formation of Common Minimum Programme and everyone will come to know what we intend to do.”

The former chief minister was talking to reporters here after casting his vote in favour of party candidates in Rajya Sabha elections.

Asserting that PDP was in no hurry to form government just for the sake of power, he said, “We are not a party that would go running to forge an alliance over a telephone call. The process for alliance formation is long because we want the next government to be stable and focused enough to rid the state of political uncertainty and put it on the path of progress in an atmosphere of peace.”

The PDP patron said that Common Minimum Programme with BhartiyaJanta Party would be discussed on the basis of the vision presented by his party to the people and any alliance between the two parties will be on the basis of issues that have resulted in political uncertainty in the state since independence.

“We want to utilize the coalition to establish lasting peace in and around the state by forging friendly relations between our country and Pakistan and carry forward the peace process started after 2002 Vajpayee initiative. The BJP has a strong mandate and legitimacy at the national level to take bold steps in addressing the problems in Jammu and Kashmir and help to start a new chapter of reconciliation, friendship and development in the sub-continent, with resolution of problems in Jammu and Kashmir as the center piece”, Mufti said.

Reiterating that Peoples Democratic Party will not trade the mandate given by the people, he said that the vision and policies of his party are “the guiding force for us to form an alliance for the welfare and betterment of people”.

Mufti said that the party had entered into an alliance with Congress in 2002 on the basis of a clear agenda for governance and was followed in letter and spirit which resulted in an overnight change in the atmosphere not only in state but all over the sub-continent.

“When some objections were raised over our decision to release the prisoners or to revoke POTA we went ahead as the issues were clearly spelt in the CMP.” Similarly, he said, the party is working on having an unambiguous agenda for next six years and everybody will see what all is contained in it.

“No one should pre-judge the intention or the ability of any alliance that we enter into and instead wait for the Common Minimum Programme to come in black and white so that we actually set ourselves on the road to change the destiny of Jammu and Kashmir which has been the objective and declared intention of my political life”, he said.

“We did not betray people in 2002 when we got just 16 members in Assembly. We did not rush to form government even when support was extended and instead we took time to put our policies and vision in black and white in the form of CMP”, he said, adding, “This era brought relief to all the people in state and country, and even Pakistan appreciated the efforts we took for ensuring peace in the sub-continent.”

He said that before 2002 no one would have thought that there will be peace on the borders and people from the two neighbouring countries can visit each other despite hostilities. “We opened the LoC and brought people together”, he said adding that the party wants to bridge the gap between the two neighbouring countries and facilitate peaceful relations for which it was ready to work along with union government and the party which was in power.