PDP concerned over soaring prices of essential commodities

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chief spokesperson and former MLA Rafi Ahmad Mir today urged the state government to control soaring prices of essential commodities in South Kashmir.

“The prices of essential commodities especially mutton, vegetables and fruits have gone through the roof in the holy month of Ramzan. While general public is suffering, the enforcement agencies have miserably failed to keep prices under control,” Rafi Mir said in a statement.

“The citizens on social networking sites have shared their concern during the holy month of Ramzan and even approached the government grievance cell. However, there is no relief.” Mir said, urging the government to address the ‘ineffective’ control of agencies over the market and establish crisis management cell to check complaints of black-marketing and ensure smooth supply of essential commodities to the people.

He said: “It is unfortunate that the administration has failed to curb prices and act against the hoarders and black marketers.”

 “The government is claiming sale of essential commodities as per rate list but the ground situation belies the claim. The state government should put in place strict measures to check prices of essentials as some elements take advantage of government’s indifference,” he added.