PDP demands death penalty for life-term convicts

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader and MLC Mohammad Khurshid Alam has demanded death penalty for the life-term convicts in the heinous Kuthua rape and murder case, stating that mere life imprisonment wouldn’t be enough to heal the wounds of people.

Alam in a statement said when the guilty in the 2012 Death rape case were given death sentence, “why a different yardstick has been adopted here.”

“On 10 September 2013, four adult defendants in Delhi rape case were found guilty of rape and murder. All the four were given death penalty by the court,” he said, adding that similar sentence needed to be given to the convicts in the Kathua case.

“The rape and murder of the 8-year old Kathua girl was most heinous, inhuman and devilish act that shammed the entire humanity. Giving the culprits mere life imprisonment wouldn’t be enough in any way.  Death penalty is must for sending out a strong message,” Alam said.