PDP sold mandate to BJP for CM chair: NC

PDP sold mandate to BJP for CM chair: NC

Mattu said PDP''s false pretensions of a moral high-ground cease to have any other than entertainment value now.

National Conference on Sunday expressed amusement at PDP patron Mufti Sayeed’s remarks in Jammu terming them ironic and ridiculously delusional.

National Conference spokesman Junaid Mattu said that Mufti Sayeed in an apologetic attempt to justify joining the same party against whom he had sought votes, had tendered an ironic preemptive note of apology to the people of the State. 

"We are certain that the people who voted for PDP and have now been back-stabbed by PDP will reject this dramatic apology with regret. The people of this state will reject this melodramatic note of apology", NC spokesman Junaid Mattu said. 

"First PDP went to the people blasting BJP as a communal party which was threatening the state’s interests and needed to be kept at bay. Then, once the myth of a PDP wave met a rude awakening, Mufti excitedly embraced the same party against whom he personally sought votes in Kashmir,” Mattu said.

“Then came the phase of inventing creative smokescreens of alleged alliance ‘conditionalities’ on AFSPA, Article 370, Indo-Pak Dialogue, Dialogue with Separatists and the West Pakistan Refugee Issue. Not even one of these political issues was a part of the ideology-devoid power-sharing negotiations between the two parties”.

 The only agenda, Mattu said,  was the CM’s post to Mufti Sayeed and about sharing of cabinet portfolios. “With Mufti Sayeed’s remarks in Jammu, PDP has entered into a new phase of this amusing drama – of finally apologizing in advance for bartering the interests of the State for the temptation of Mufti Sayeed becoming Chief Minister", NC spokesman said. 

Mattu said PDP’s false pretensions of a moral high-ground cease to have any other than entertainment value now.

"Does Mufti Sayeed think the people of Kashmir are so foolish that they could be convinced that Mufti Sayeed will order Narendra Modi to talk to Nawaz Sharif? Or that New Delhi was waiting for the instructions of the shrewd, Machiavellian political grand-master that we have in Mufti Sahab to talk with the Separatists? Or that the same Mufti Sayeed who played the most prominent role in eroding Article 370 while in Congress for close to four decades will now apparently undo that damage while in an embrace with BJP – a party that has highlighted its commitment to abrogate Article 370 in its manifesto?” Mattu asked.  

“As it appears from statements by BJP leaders, PDP has already sold its stand on the West Pakistan Refugees Issue. One can only try to imagine how many compromises PDP will make and what the state will have to sacrifice for Mufti Sayeed’s decades old insatiable appetite for power at any cost", the NC spokesman added. 

Mattu  said National Conference was committed to upholding its ideological principles which have always been based on safeguarding the rights and interests of the people of Jammu and Kashmir without any prejudices of caste, creed and religion.

"There have been numerous instances when National Conference has turned down opportunities of power to uphold its ideology and its larger political commitment to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. While this phenomenon might be incomprehensible for PDP, this trait sets National Conference apart and makes it the unmistakable voice of the people of this State", NC spokesman said.