Pellet victims protest in Srinagar to demand ban on pellet shotguns

The members of the Pellet Victims Welfare Trust held a demonstration at Press enclave in Srinagar against continuous use of pellet guns in Kashmir by the police and paramilitary forces.

The protesters demanded ban on pellet guns as hundreds of people in all age groups have been rendered completely blind by the pellets. They were also requesting support to the victims of pellet guns as they have suffered immensely and continue to suffer.

Among the demonstrators was also youngest pellet victim of Kashmir, Hiba Nisar who was accompanied by her mother.

On 23 November 2018, Hiba who was just 18 months old when her eye was ruptured by pellets fired by the security forces inside her home at Kapran, a village in the southern Shopian district.

Later, the government extended financial help to this youngest victim and deposited Rs one lac in her fixed account for three years.

 “We want end to use of pellet guns. I as a mother can feel the pain of all mothers whose sons and daughters have been hit with the pellets,” Marsala Jan, her mother, told the media persons.

She said that Hiba has to visit a hospital in Srinagar every fifteen days for check up. “The pellets have ruined her life. She weeps during night and day due to pain. The contact with dust causes more pain in her eyes and she starts pulling her hair in distress,” she said.