Politicians failed to evolve consensus on Aug 5 decisions: Hakeem Yaseen

Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s  Democratic Front (PDF) Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen on Thursday said that mainstream politicians of Jammu and Kashmir have failed to evolve a consensus against August 5 decisions.

“Article 370 is the symbol of socio-political identity of the people of Jammu and Kashmir which can be restored only through democratic means. Some mainstream parties have again started to hoodwink public opinion on false slogans to restore Article 370 for regaining power which shows  how these political parties have thrived on showing hollow dreams to the people,” Hakeem Yaseen said in a statement.

The PDF Chairman said Shah Faesal had insisted on evolving a consensus on fight against Article 370 abrogation at the time when all mainstream leaders were put in detention Centre in Srinagar but mainstream leaders, who have thrived on politics over Article 370 for decades together, could not evolve a consensus on fight against the abrogation.

He said Shah Faesal is not to be blamed for the failure in evolving a consensus over Article 370 restoration but all mainstream parties are answerable as they have enjoyed the lavish  ministerial perks for decades by selling fake dreams of Article 370 .