Power engineers, employees stage protest against privatisation

Power engineers and employees of Jammu and Kashmir Power department on Wednesday staged a protest against privatisation policies of the central government and demanded to scrap the process to privatisediscoms in states and Union territories.

Jammu and Kashmir Power Engineers and Employees Coordination Committee (JKPEECC) in support of call given by National Coordination Committee of Electricity Employees and Engineers (NCCOEEE) and All India Power Engineers Federation (AIPEF) observed peaceful symbolic protest .

Holding placards against the privatisation of power, the employees observed peaceful protests to press for scrapping the privatisation of electricity bill.

“Despite failure of privatisation in Agra, Greater Noida and Orissa, the government is moving ahead without bothering to take feedback of practical aspects from Discoms, who are the real sufferers. In the name of reforms, the government is serving the interest of the private sector, gradually destroying the public sector across the country.,” said JKEEGA president, Munshi Majid.

He said that  JKPEECC vehemently criticises the approach of the Government ventilated through the proposed “draconian and anti-people” electricity legislation as well as privatisation proposal with the clear objective of snatching away the right of access to electricity. All the Power Engineers and Employees of J&K/Ladakh have decided to resent this privatisation move and urge the people to come forward to retain their Constitutional right for access to energy as a member of civilised Country

As per the statement of the JKPEECC,  they are demanding scrapping the Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2021 and Standard Bidding Document for privatisation of electricity.

“Opposition of privatisation of Electricity in states and UTs., reintegrate all power utilities in states and UTs with function components of Generation, Transmission and Distribution. Timely promotion against clear vacancies at all levels by holding Departmental Promotion Committees regularly in all Cadres.”

“As the existing sanction strength in JKPDD is being kept unfilled from Top most Technocrat post like ED/CE to Jr. Engineer  from Engineering side, Meter reader to  Jr. lineman from Executive side and Section officer to Orderly from Ministerial side.”

Thousands of power sector employees and engineers under the banner of the National Coordination Committee of Electricity Employees and Engineers held protest meetings, seeking withdrawal of Electricity Amendment Bill 2021, which has been listed for introduction in the budget session of Parliament, according to a statement by AIPEF.

Later the office bearers of JKPEECC addressed a press conference reiterating their demands.