Prof Afzal Zargar reappointed Registrar CUK

Prof Mohammad Afzal Zargar has been reappointed as the Registrar of the Central University of Kashmir (CUK) for five years for the second time. He took over the charge as Registrar on Monday.

Prof Zargar had earlier joined as second Registrar of the Central University of Kashmir in September 2013 and was very instrumental in kickstaring the construction activities and augmenting the spectrum of academic activities of the varsity.

At present, he was working as the Professor of Biotechnology, Dean School of Life Sciences and the Director of the Nunar Campus of the CUK. He is and  has been the member of various Statutory and decision making bodies of the Central University of Kashmir including Executive Council, Academic Council, University Building Committee (UBC), Planning and Monitoring Board and was the member secretary of the Court and Chairman of the School Boards and Board of Studies. Prof Zargar is also a member on the statutory bodies of the other universities too.

Earlier, Prof. Zargar was working as Head, Department Biochemistry and clinical Biochemistry. He also had a long stint of five years as the Chief Proctor in the University of Kashmir In teaching learning assignments,  Prof. Zargar has taught the students of Biochemistry, Clinical Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Food Sciences, Diploma dietetics and Environmental Sciences in the University of Kashmir for a long time.