Protests in Pulwama area over dilapidated road condition

Residents of Rahmoo and adjoining villages in this district Thursday staged a protest against the authorities for failing to macadamize the road connecting the area.

The residents took to streets and blocked the main Pulwama-Rahmoo-Pakharpora road for several hours, resulting in complete halt in the traffic on the vital road.

The protesters said the R&B department has left the road stretch from Mutrigam village to Rahmoo unattended. “The road has not been repaired or macadamized due to which hundreds of commuters suffer on daily basis. The road is dilapidated, making the journey back-breaking,” the protesters said.

Locals said the road was dotted with potholes and each time there is a rainfall the entire stretch turns into a cesspool, making the road out of bounds.

Locals said many commuters have stopped taking the road to reach their respective destinations on daily basis, as the condition of the road has gone from bad to worse.

Junior Engineer, R&B Naseer Ahmad said the road was developed under Central Roads Fund. “Now the funds have been stopped that has left the road incomplete,” he said.

He said the district administration was planning to develop the road under the languishing project.