Provide succor to orchardists, farmers amid ongoing dry spell: NC

National Conference on Friday asked the J&K government to take immediate steps towards providing succor to the farmers affected from the prevailing dry spell which has run havoc on all agriculture and horticulture activities in Kashmir.

In a statement, the party spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar said previously the farmers had been suffering on account of the deficiency of irrigation water, and that the prevailing dry spell has compounded the problems of farmers.

“We have been making fervent appeals to the government to clear all the clogged canals to ensure hassle free supply of water to paddy areas. However our repeated pleas fell on deaf ears. Except for a few places nothing substantial was done to ensure smooth supply of irrigation water to orchards and paddy fields,” said Imran.

He said what has compounded the problems of the agriculturalists was the ongoing dry spell.

“The crop loss due to harsh dry season is pushing the farmers and horticulturists to despair, the poor lot had already incurred heavy losses due to last year’s clampdown and harsh precipitation during last winter season. They had pinned high hopes on this year’s annual produce, which unfortunately won’t be up to their expectations also. Therefore it is binding on the government to come to their rescue by compensating their losses,” Imran said.

He expressed concern over the scarcity of potable drinking water across the Valley including Srinagar. “Consumption of the untreated water would spread water borne diseases, thereby putting lives of people in jeopardy. I urge the administration to come to their rescue and ensure hassle free supply of portable drinking water in central Kashmir including suburbs of Srinagar,” he said.