'PUF leaders get warm welcome in Machil'

Appealing the State Government to “wake up” to suffering of people of border area of Machil, PUF leaders Shah Faesal and Er Rasheed have promised a special attention to far flung areas if voted to power.

Concluding their two-day extension tour to Machil the PUF leaders addressed many gatherings and took stock of sufferings of people.

A PUF spokesman said the two leaders received a warm welcome at different places including Machil, Doodi, Ringbala, Ring-Payeen, Duppel, Chakki, Chonthwari, Poshwari, Miserybahak and other places.

Summing up the findings of the visit, the spokesman said “It is strange that while state and central Governments have been making tall claims about providing packages to remote and border areas but nothing seems to have changed on the ground and people of Machil have been forced to live life of stone age ear. The road from Kalaroos to Machil is in shambles. There is no mobile connectivity. The condition of Schools is worst and the students from remote areas like Ring Bala have to travel even more than 20 kilometers on foot.”

“Like Karnah one has to get prior permission before visiting Machil valley as if Machil is not part of J&K. In absence of agriculture and horticulture land, there are least resources of earning livelihood. How can be anything more shameful than the fact that except providing power to two villages for just three hour a day, entire valley is awaiting to get regular supply of power for past 70 years,” the PUF spokesperson said.