Qayoom Wani asks private schools to undertake reform measures

Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum Abdul Qayoom Wani has asked private education sector to undertake reform measures and implement the mission guidelines in letter and spirit.

In a statement, Wani said prime locations in Jammu and Kashmir have been spared to the private educational institutions on minimal rent lease.

“These ‘high profile’ private schools were supposed to keep 25% reservations for free education of poor, BPL,  dowtrodden and the orphans but on the ground it was never implemented,” Wani said.

“It is unfortunate that these private schools are depriving middle class their right to education by way of introducing interview schemes. Interviewing parents is but a humiliation to them and to the society in general. Instead, this trend amounts to ‘corporate theory’ which goes against the basic concept of education and schooling,” Wani said.

Wani asked private schools to make public the number of BPL students and orphans enrolled.