Questioning Articles 370, 35-A subjudice nature shows BJP's disdain for constitution: NC

National Conference Friday said BJP leader’s assertion on calling into question the sub judice aspect of “unilateral, undemocratic and unconstitutional” actions taken by New Delhi on August 5, 2019 was reflective of BJP’s arrogance and disdain it nurtures against the supremacy of the constitution.

NC’s additional spokesperson Sara Hayat Shah taking exception to the statement of BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain said his comments on a sub judice matter which was facing judicial scrutiny speaks volumes about the sheer amount of disdain BJP nurtures against the superiority of the constitution. “The cases are yet to seek validation from the Apex Court and here we have a senior BJP man downplaying the entire issue and calling into question the entire process,” she said. “On the contrary, our party took it upon itself to approach the Apex Court before and after the unilateral actions taken by the Center. We as a law-abiding political party knocked the doors of the Supreme Court keeping up with our party’s traditional proclivity for peaceful and constitutional struggle. “

Shah said on the other hand such statements emanating from BJP officer bearers reveal their anticipation of the verdict of the court adding that statements like these reveal BJP’s arrogance. “However such statements will least deter us from our resolve and we will continue to strive for the restoration of our rights which were snatched from us,” she said.