Quran: An Audio Miracle

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Ever since the descent of mankind on Earth, Allah had been sending messengers for the guidance of mankind and for establishing a link between creation and the creator. Incidentally these prophets were commanded by Allah to declare their prophethood on their own, like Mosa was commanded in valley of Toua, Eisah in the lap of her mother Meryem, and Muhammed (SAW) was commanded in the cave of Hira. To substantiate their prophethood before public, they were gifted with miracles. Mosa had his stick transformed into a live serpentine and when he would show his hand that would sparkle. Saleah had the privilege of having a she camel emerge from a mountain to prove to a large crowd. Eisah was bestowed with giving life to dead, and heal leprosy.

All these miracles were witnessed as real miracles as seen by the people around. Some endorsed it as miracles of prophethood and many claimed it as magic. Nonetheless, these visual miracles had an impact on the people witnessing them while as those unaware of their authenticity would treat them with suspicion. Consequently, over a period of time, the impact of these live miracles would fade out. Thereby Allah kept sending his prophets with their miracles for the generations to come so as to keep reminding people of the divine path. This process continued till Allah sent prophet Mohammad (SW).

As prophet Mohammad (SW) is the seal of prophets, as promised by Allah, no prophet will follow Him. Since prophethood was discontinued, there was a change in the perception of miracles from visual to audio so that its impact would not die down and would remain witnessed till the day of judgement.

Arabs, at the time, were known for their poetry, prose and recitation. Hence was Quran revealed in beautiful poetry-prose and memorised by the companions of prophet. Until today, it is being memorised by millions of Muslims across the world. Most astonishingly, Quran is memorised in Arabic by people who aren’t native Arabs. Its recitation by the qaaries is mesmerising.

This audio miracle, in the form of Quran, substantiating the prophethood of Muhammad (SW) is not getting overshadowed by the impact of modern music. A deeper insight into Quran, one can infer that it is miracle of miracles revealed by Allah on the prophet (SW).