'Reduced precautions responsible for surge in Covid cases'

Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) has said people in Kashmir are ignoring recommended precautions which is responsible for surge in cases and deaths due to the novel coronavirus

“People are showing complete disregard to health guidelines. They are mingling freely and are not wearing face masks,” said DAK President and influenza expert Dr Nisar ul Hassan.

Dr Nisar said such irresponsible behavior has unleashed a new wave of the virus which is killing people.

He said lifting lockdown and reopening economic activities doesn’t mean that the pandemic is over.

Dr Nisar said “But, it is important to know that the virus can become dangerous if people abandon safety measures. With no vaccine, these measures are the only effective tools to tackle the virus,” he said.

Dr Nisar said most of the population in Kashmir is susceptible to Covid-19 infection and letting down the guard would mean that we are going to see more people to become ill and many will die.

“We are in a critical phase of pandemic. Every month of renewed vigilance is crucial – limiting transmission for a few more months could make a huge difference in illnesses and deaths,” he said.

“We should shun the attitude where rules are followed only if they are enforced,” he said.

“If people are not careful and don’t act responsibly, the situation will spin out of control. We will lose both the economy and the lives,” said Dr Nisar.